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Workshops - FAQ

Some Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Workshops!


Q. Do I need a dog?
A. Yes. This is a hand on, practical workshop where you will learn the techniques to enable you to perform a 40-minute Swedish massage on your own dog.  We are unable to “loan” you a dog.


Q. I have mobility difficulties, will I have to work on the floor?
A. Most people do work on the floor with their dog, however please let me know in advance if you need a table to work from, which I can provide.  There are chairs to sit on at the venue in between the practical work.

Q. What is the venue that the workshop is held in?
A. It is Antrim Castle Mall, located in Antrim.  It is used as a canine obedience, good citizens, and scent work training venue.  Access is obtained via the rear of the mall.


Q. What facilities does the location have?
A. We provide tea, coffee, milk & biscuits.  There is a kettle and cups.  The venue has a toilet and access to a grassy area for your dog to toilet.  There is the Antrim Castle Gardens a 5-minute walk away to exercise your dog before the workshop, at lunch, and at the end of the day.

Q.  Is there somewhere to park close by?
A. Yes, just outside the venue is a car park

Q.  My dog is reactive/wary of other dogs, can you provide a space where we are separate?
A. We are unable to provide a separate area for you, however we do limit the number of dogs/owners at the venue to enable you to have a comfortable space to work in.  If your dog is people/dog reactive you may be more comfortable to attend our on-line live workshop.  Details can be found on Canine Massage Therapy Centre website

Q. Can I bring someone with me to watch?
A. No, the booking is for 1 person and 1 dog.

Q. Is there somewhere to get something to eat and drink close by?
A. We would advise you bring any drinks/food with you as there is limited facilities/time during lunch.

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